Children and Infants in Corfu

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Children and Infants in Corfu

  • Greece is a safe and relatively easy place to travel with children. It's especially easy if you're staying by the beach or at a resort hotel. However, the lack of decent playgrounds and other recreational facilities is a problem outside the resorts.
  • Hotels and restaurants are very accommodating when it comes to meeting the needs of children, although highchairs are a rarity outside resorts. The service in restaurants is normally very quick, which is great when you've got hungry children on your hands.
  • Fresh milk is readily available in large towns and tourist areas, but you'll do better trying to buy it yourself rather than relying on restaurants or bars, which seem to prefer to use tinned, condensed or heat treated milk. Supermarkets and mini-markets are the best place to look. Formula and baby food is available almost everywhere. Nappies and wipes are available in the larger supermarkets.
  • Mobility is an issue for parents with very small children. Pushchairs are fine in the main towns or resorts. However, they are hopeless on the beach, on rough stone paths and up steps and a nightmare to get on and off buses. Backpacks or front pouches are best.
  • All hire-car companies will provide child seats if requested.
  • A word of warning. Beaches are often gently sloping and shallow, but be aware that, especially on the west coast, there are often strong currents. Children in the sea should be supervised at all times.


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