Lefkimmi, Corfu


Anyone interested in how a Greek town works away from the bustle of tourism should not miss Lefkimmi, where donkeys are still occasionally used as transport and some women retain traditional costume. It is the administrative centre for the south of the island and Corfu's second biggest port.

The facades of the main street and surrounding alleys are very attractive and it's a welcome change to see real shops selling functional everyday items instead of tourist paraphernalia. There's some fine architecture, including several particularly imposing (but usually locked) churches: Agioi Anargiri with a striking double belfry, and Agios Arsenios, whose vast orange dome can be seen for miles around, pose proudly on raised platforms at the upper end of town, whereas Agios Theodoros and its beautiful campanile sit on a mound above a small village square, halfway down the hill towards the canal which has some pleasant spots for a drink or meal by the pretty bridge.

Could be combined with Paramonas and Korission.

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