Corfu's Golden Beaches

The West Coast's Golden Beaches

These beaches are about 30 minutes drive from Corfu Town and offer golden sand and crystal clear water. They all have tavernas either on or close to the beach and are accessible by road.

Kontogialos (Pelekas Beach)
Below the hilltop village of Pelekas is the beach of Kontogialos (above), with its golden sand gently sloping into the sea. There are four tavernas along the beach and a new hotel behind it. The beach can be accessed by one of three roads and there is adequate parking at the northern end. Although not the 'hippy paradise' it was in the '70s and '80s, outside the high season in August it is still a quiet and beautiful spot. As at Glyfada the beach is monitored by lifeguards and a warning flag system is in operation.

Reached via a winding and set against a backdrop of crumbling cliffs with rock formations at either end, this large sandy beach is one of the finest and most popular on the island. Swimming is superb; the water is initially shallow, but deepens farther out and there can be a strong undercurrent at the northern end (as on many beaches along the west coast). Swimmers must obey the safety flag if it is flying.

Still described by some enthusiasts as the most beautiful beach in Europe. Sheer cliffs covered with trees and shrubs drop directly to the sand creating a sense of wonderful isolation. At both ends of the long beach curl rocky promontories offering marvellous snorkelling in crystal blue water. Mirtiotissa is unofficially recognized as the island's nudist beach.

Here the Ropa River flows down a valley and out to sea at the place where Odysseus is reputed to have been washed ashore and rescued by Nausica. Situated on a bay, it has a small beach of shingle and pebble. There is a diving school and the whole setting is dominated by a hillside hotel.

A small, protected, sandy beach situated between Kontogialos and Agios Giordis. Pine trees come right down to the water's edge. Two tavernas provide meals and local wine.

Agios Gordis
This scenic beach is surrounded by verdant slopes covered with orchards, olive groves, and market gardens, is punctuated by a gigantic erect rock rising from the water at the southern end - an excellent spot for snorkelling and spear fishing, as are the rocks at the northern end.

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