Newspaper Articles about Corfu

Articles about Corfu

The Legend of Corfu’s Mouse Island
Pontikonisi, also known as “Mouse Island,” is the islet located at the entrance of Halkiopoulos lagoon in Corfu.
Greek Reporter - 5 June 2023

Greek Chic
From incredible seafood to stylish villas, the island of Corfu is a winner.
The Scottish Sun - 4 June 2023

Mon Repos: The Historic Corfu Villa Where Prince Philip Was Born
Prince Philip, who died in 2021 at the age of 99, was born on the dining room table of Mon Repos. The villa’s French name means “My Rest,” and was a place of relaxation for the Greek Royals in the past century.
Greek Reporter - 5 May 2023

Easter in Corfu and 'botides' tradition of pot-smashing
In keeping with the tradition of 'botides', Corfiots marked Holy Saturday by throwing large clay jugs filled with water from the balconies of homes in the centre of town, and watching them smash into pieces on the streets below.
Greek City Times - 15 April 2023

How a pharmacist recreated Easter on Corfu with Playmobile
What urges a pharmacist from Corfu to represent the island’s Easter with a playmobile without any commercial purpose? To spend hours every day for four months in order to create in detail her individual pieces?
Greek Herald - 14 April 2023

Pascha in Corfu - Greece's top Easter destination
It comes as no surprise that Corfu is again the top destination for the Easter holiday period in Greece in 2023.
Greek City Times - 6 April 2023

Alternative Corfu, from deserted beaches to wild backroads
Corfu’s magic, immortalised in the works of both Homer and Gerald Durrell, lies in its wild, deserted beaches, terracotta-tiled Old Town and sapphire-blue seas.
National Geographic - 17 March 2023

Corfu, Homer’s Odyssey and Odysseus’ Petrified Ship
Odysseus’ ship, which took him home from Corfu to Ithaka, turned to rock according to legend. Where might Odysseus have washed ashore in Corfu during his Odyssey?
Greek Reporter - 28 January 2023

United States of the Ionian Islands: The History of British Rule in Greece
The formation of the United States of the Ionian Islands under British rule in Greece is a little known period of the country’s history.
Greek Reporter - 9 January 2023

When Casanova Fell in Love With Corfu and Caused a Scandal
When Giacomo Casanova fell in love with Corfu, he was only sixteen years old, but his first visit was enough to make him go back and leave his mark on the Greek island.
Greek Reporter - 8 January 2023

How cricket came to Corfu
The spontaneous match that started a 200-year relationship.
The Spectator - 6 January 2023

Bookmark these beautiful destinations for your trip to Corfu
In Corfu you will find some beautiful attractions that you just cannot miss! Places like The Old Fortress Of Corfu, Kalami Beach, Corfu Old Town and many more.
MSN - 22 December 2022

Explore Corfu: the top things to do, where to stay and what to eat
With two million visitors a year, Corfu is one of the most popular Greek islands as well as one of the greenest and most fertile. ?long with the rest of the Ionian islands, Corfu never experienced Ottoman rule, passing straight from Byzantium to Venice until the Serene Republic’s dissolution by Napoleon. A short but influential French rule followed, until the British took over. As a result, the island has a cosmopolitan feel with an Italianate ambiance, flashes of French architecture and English cultural leftovers like a taste for ginger beer and cricket.
Love Exploring - 28 November 2022

Local Bands and Orchestras Make Corfu the Music Capital of Greece
Corfu is the most musical island in Greece with hundreds of music associations and dozens of orchestras and bands. Even the way its natives speak is musical, as their speech often sounds like singing.
Greek Reporter - 26 October 2022

Othonoi Island: The Beautiful Westernmost Point of Greece
At the junction of two seas, the Ionian and the Adriatic, there is a beautiful island that is known as the westernmost point of Greece. It was also famous for being Calypso’s island in Greek mythology. Located northwest of Corfu, it is now called Othonoi.
Greek Reporter - 17 October 2022

Old Peritheia: Corfu’s Historic Ghost Village
Old Peritheia is the oldest village of Corfu, which is located in the heart of Mount Pantokrator. Ruined stone mansions and semi-ruined temples with forever muted bell towers compose the landscape of Old Peritheia, a village which time has forgotten.
Greek Reporter - 30 September 2022

Kostas Georgakis, the student who set himself on fire for Greece
Kostas Georgakis, a Greek geology student who was attending university in Italy, set himself on fire in Genoa on September 19, 1970 as a protest against the Greek military dictatorship of the time. The 22-year-old’s last words were “Long live free Greece!”
Greek Reporter - 19 September 2022

Treasures from Corfu
The first Jews to settle on Corfu were Romaniote - they came from Greece and spoke Greek. In the 16th century, another group of Jews, Italian speakers from Apulia, in Italy, joined them.
Jewish Standard - 14 September 2022

Visit Corfu in the glorious autumn to get closer to the island’s enchanting history
The extraordinary human history of Corfu drew Sophie Ibbotson to visit the island when the hoardes of tourists had gone.
City AM - 5 September 2022

A summer escape to the Greek island of Corfu
Holly Hostettler-Davies chose Corfu for my first trip to the Greek islands because after watching the Durrell’s, a British comedy-drama television series which was set on the island, she was captured by the gorgeous greenery and beautiful beaches. It did not disappoint.
Youth Journalism International - 3 September 2022

Where to drink in Corfu
Sophisticated drinking dens and boho beach shacks, these are our go-to spots in Corfu for a glass of something glorious.
Suitcase Magazine - 28 July 2022

A package holiday to Corfu
I wanted every decision made for me. Trek the Himalayas if you feel like it, but sometimes all you really want is for someone else to do the cooking.
The Guardian - 24 July 2022

Affordable & Historic: What To Do In Corfu This Summer
Corfu is a place that has something for everyone regardless of one’s budget.
The Travel - 11 July 2022

The Amazing Works of Beloved Corfu Writer Lawrence Durrell
As anyone who has seen the acclaimed British television series The Durrells in Corfu is aware, the family of Lawrence Durrell spent four very transformative years on the idyllic Greek island.
Greek Reporter - 20 June 2022

Saga of Family’s Dream Home on Corfu
British author Jani Tully Chaplin, whose family lived on a catamaran off the shores of Corfu for years, has penned a new memoir that tells the riveting story of the construction of their dream home on the island and what can happen when your dreams come true.
Greek Reporter - 25 April 2022

Corfu is again the top destination for the Easter holiday period
Visitors from Athens, Thessaloniki, and every island, village, and town around Greece will be making their way across to Corfu to celebrate Holy Week after being locked up during the pandemic.
Greek City Times - 5 April 2022

Homer’s Odyssey and Odysseus’ Petrified Ship
Odysseus’ ship, which took him home from Corfu to Ithaka, turned to rock according to legend. Where might Odysseus have washed ashore in Corfu during his Odyssey?
Greek Reporter - 18 March 2022

Stranding of three whales in Corfu raises alarm over seismic testing for fossil fuels
While cause remains unconfirmed, green groups fear the three whales could be the ‘tip of iceberg’ with many more animals hurt.
The Guardian - 9 March 2022

Forget crowds: Charter your own yacht in Corfu
We’d been locked down for 18 months. We avoided the uncertainty of summer foreign holidays and were scouting round for an October half term option.
City A.M. - 28 February 2022

How the few Jews left on Corfu hold onto their history
The door of the Scuola Greca synagogue on the island of Corfu is painted emerald green with two Stars of David in the middle. When you push it open, the hallway leads to a low-ceilinged space where painful memories rest between the bricks: portraits of the island’s Jewish Holocaust survivors adorn the walls.
Forward - 19 February 2022

Corfu wins more international awards for organic honey than any other part of Greece
Three Corfu producers won a total of 7 Gold and 6 Silver Medals this year.
Enimerosi - 17 February 2022

Inside Prince Philip's 'dreamy' first castle in Greece
Prince Philip lived in Greece until he was 18 months old. But what did his childhood home look like?
Daily Express - 10 January 2022

Local Bands and Orchestras Make Corfu the Music Capital of Greece
Corfu is the most musical island in Greece, with hundreds of music associations and dozens of orchestras and bands. Even the way its natives speak is musical, as their speech often sounds like singing.
Greek Reporter - 4 October 2021

Kostas Georgakis, the student who set himself on fire for Greece
Kostas Georgakis, a Greek geology student who was attending university in Italy, set himself on fire in Genoa on 19 September 1970 as a protest against the Greek military dictatorship of the time. The 22-year-old’s last words were “Long live free Greece!”
Greek Reporter - 19 September 2021

Akra Drastis: One of nature’s lesser-known great masterpieces
One of nature’s great masterpieces, Cape Drastis is a picturesque peninsula featuring otherworldly cliffs and impressive rock formations carved by the sea and the wind over centuries.
Greek City Times - 5 September 2021

Prince Philip's birth certificate is unearthed after 99 years in an archive close to the Corfu villa where he was born
It has been gathering dust for decades in a municipal archive housed in an old British Army barracks that sits within the imposing Venetian fortress overlooking Corfu's Old Town.
The Daily Mail - 11 April 2021

On This Day in 1872: Corfiot composer, Nikolaos Mantzaros, passed away
Nikolaos Chalikiopoulos Mantzaros was a Greek-Italian classical composer who left behind a plethora of compositions and an irrepressible mark on Greece’s musical history.
The Greek Herald - 26 March 2021

My Greek granny’s grilled sea bream is summer on a plate
This dish, made in her tiny kitchen in Corfu, is so good it inspired Anastasia Miari to write a book about cooking with other grannies around the world.
The Guardian - 26 March 2021

A jet-setting quest to chronicle the recipes - and life stories - of grandmas everywhere
On the Greek island of Corfu, in the tourist-free village of Perivoli, prepare yourself for a long uphill hike, past vibrant bougainvillea bushes. - 13 March 2021

Remembering Gerald Durrell and his Corfu Trilogy
Lee Durrell speaks fondly of late husband Gerald at KLM 2021.
Telegraph India - 11 February 2021

Forget the Beach and Head Inland to Discover Corfu's Coolest Secrets
From Unesco-listed towns and ancient churches to stately palaces and postcard-perfect villages.
Mail on Sunday - 1 November 2020

Howzat! The story of Hellenic Cricket
It may come as a surprise to some that the English game of cricket has a long historical connection to Greece and Greeks. The first time the modern game of cricket was played in Greece was on the lovely Ionian Island of Corfu during the period of British rule (1815-64).
Neos Kosmos - 7 October 2020

Forging a Future for Olive Oil Production on Corfu
Apostolos Porsanidis-Kavvadias is following in the footsteps of his grandfather, returning to Corfu to revitalize the family olive grove and the island’s olive oil sector.
Olive Oil Times - 1 October 2020

Forging a Future for Olive Oil Production on Corfu
Apostolos Porsanidis-Kavvadias is following in the footsteps of his grandfather, returning to Corfu to revitalize the family olive grove and the island’s olive oil sector.
Olive Oil Times - 1 October 2020

Gerald Durrell honoured with blue plaque at childhood home in London
My Family and Other Animals author’s Dulwich home is a long way from the Corfu of his books but was shared with a ferocious dog.
The Guardian - 18 September 2020

Greek Monument in the village of Magoulades, Corfu
This Monument can be found in the village of Magoulades near the village square. It was erected to honour the Greeks who lost their lives in the sinking of the Proteus submarine, on December 29, 1940. Forty-eight men were sacrificed, defending Greece.
Greek City Times - 18 September 2020

Developers v Durrell: the battle over Corfu's 'jewel of nature'
Super-rich join naturalists in fight to halt building of luxury resort on biodiverse headland.
The Guardian - 1 August 2020

The Jewish Greek family that was saved in the Holocaust
Yvette Manessis Corporon’s book, Something Beautiful Happened: A Story of Survival and Courage in the Face of Evil, tells the unbelievable story of how the Savvas family was saved during the Shoah.
The Jerusalem Post - 9 April 2020

Awards for six Corfu restaurants
Corfu restaurants win at the FNL Best Restaurants Awards ceremony
Enemerosi - 4 February 2020

The United States of the Ionian Islands
The Forgotten History of British Rule in Greece.

Greek Reporter - 19 January 2020

Mayor wants to make Corfu a Smart City
Meropi Ydraiou, the new Mayor of Central Corfu and the Diapontia Islands, wants to follow the example of Trikala and e-trikala and take Corfu into a 'new era' with eGovernment.

Εnimerosi - 22 September 2019

A Forgotten Armenian History on a Small Greek Island
As a bastion of tolerance and freedom compared to the Ottoman Empire, a large number of Christian refugees from the Balkans began to emigrate to Corfu in the sixteenth century. They founded villages with names reminiscent of their origins including Armenades, which was founded by Armenian refugees around 1550.

Armenian Weekly - 28 August 2019

A glimpse into the private life of Princess Sisi
The estate that so enchanted Empress Elisabeth of Austria (1837-98) when she first visited the verdant Ionian island of Corfu is one of the subjects of an exhibition that was recently inaugurated at its Museum of Asian Art.

Ekathimerini - 28 August 2019

How to spend 48 hours in Corfu Town
Where to stay, what to eat, drink and see.

The Sunday Post - 8 August 2019

48 hours in Corfu
An insider guide to the lush Ionian island beauty. Discover the best of Corfu!

The Telegraph - 30 July 2019

Dozens of local bands and orchestras make Corfu the music capital of Greece
Corfu can easily be called the most musical island in Greece, with hundreds of music associations and dozens of orchestras and bands.
Greek Reporter - 15 June 2019

How the Durrells narrowly escaped Nazi attacks that devastated their Corfu idyll
TV drama is coming to a close, but viewers may not know the terrifying truth about how the Durrells' Corfu lifestyle came to an end.
Daily Mirror - 10 May 2019

Where is the Durrells fimed?
Everything you need to know about the beloved ITV period drama set on the Greek island of Corfu.
Radio Times - 5 April 2019

Louisa's luscious legacy
From chocolate cake to chicken curry, the real Louisa Durrell was a superb cook.
Daily Mail - 16 March 2019

Corfu Museum of Asian Art gearing up for a busy year
The museum is exclusively dedicated to art and antiquities from the Far East and India, boasting one of the finest collections of its kind in Europe.
Ekathimerini - 28 January 2019

Corfu simply ouzos charm
Forget the Greek island’s party image and discover its quieter side.
The Sunday Post - 20 September 2018

At the crease in Corfu
How cricket thrives in Corfu - despite batty rules that hamper it.
The Economist - 13 September 2018

Wheelchair-friendly beaches
Ioanna Fotiadi finds that Corfu is making strides toward wheelchair-friendly beaches.
Ekathimerini - 19 August 2018

Corfu cruise port guide
John Wilmott advises that when stopping in Corfu, visitors should soak up the views of marina and the Unesco-listed Old Town.
The Telegraph - 30 July 2018

Corfu: The sound of music
Richard Betts' Corfu experience puts a new spin on the idea of a conducted tour.
New Zealand Herald - 27 July 2018

Christina Martini's perfect weekend in Corfu Town
Inspired by myth, age-old crafts and cobbled streets, Ancient Greek Sandals’ co-founder has breathed new beauty into summer footwear, marrying local traditions with modern attitude.
Financial Times - 9 July 2018

My Family and Other Animals fear for Corfu
Lee Durrell pleads against a huge development.
Enimerosi Corfu News - 5 June 2018

Shores of History: The Greek island of Corfu is the seat of a violent past
Corfu evokes beautiful images of epicurean delights, but it is also the seat of a violent past. On this Greek island, time seems to slow down as the rhythm of daily life is punctuated by simple pleasures.
The Indian Express - 20 May 2018

The Durrells’ Alexis Georgoulis on his favourite corners of Corfu
When he has a day off from filming, the actor who plays Spiros heads to the beach with his guitar.
Radio Times - 1 April 2018

The Durrells: The unspoilt Corfu of My Family and Other Animals still exists
Claire Webb writes that Gerald Durrell's widow Lee returns to Corfu every year and heads for the island's north-east corner.
Radio Times - 13 March 2018

Corfu: How to get there, where to stay, and what to do
Nicole McClurg explores cobbled streets, historic fortresses and colourful parades on this Greek island.
Manchester Evening News - 26 February 2018

Durrells TV drama revives the dying ritual of family viewing
As the hit show returns to Corfu for a third series, two of its stars explain the secrets of its ratings success.
The Observer - 25 February 2018

Corfu: an idyllic Grecian island getaway
For a memorable Grecian getaway, why not go off the beaten track? Skip the crowded vacation spots, the overrated resorts, and visit the small, sleepy, coastal towns on the island of Corfu.
International Banker - 6 February 2018

Corfu: Baby makes three
Corfu is the ideal spot for a first family holiday, writes Kate Whiting.
New Zealand Herald - 1 October 2017

Stay cool in Corfu
Celia Thomas learns how to turn a pleasant corner of Greece into a dream destination.
The Mail on Sunday - 24 September 2017

Old Perithia: Why Corfu's ghost town is the island's best-kept secret
Anastasia Miari discovers that although abandoned by its people in the Sixties, Old Perithia offers visitors to Corfu something completely different.
The Independent - 21 September 2017

Fresh fish, crisp white wine and a view over the Ionian sea
At Toula's in Agni Bay, Tom Parker-Bowles enjoys one of those holiday lunches that you wish would never end.
Daily Mail - 13 August 2017

Corfu at its dramatic best
Helen Atkinson Wood enjoys an escape to Corfu and argues that the Greek island is even better in reality than on TV.
Daily Mail - 6 August 2017

Corfu restaurants
An insider's guide to the best places to eat in Corfu, including waterside tavernas with the best seafood. By Marc Dubin,
The Telegraph - 20 July 2017

An early episode of the Cold War that cost the lives of 44 sailors
Will Rimell writes that it was 70 years ago that two British war ships, sailing between Albania and Corfu, were illegally destroyed in a row that cost the lives of 44 seaman.
Southern Daily Echo - 11 December 2016

Island Fever! A posh guide to Corfu
George Osborne, the Rothschilds, the Durrell family - Brits have always loved Corfu. Sophia Money-Coutts on the unchanging magic of the storybook island with its divine tavernas, lavish villas, blue horizons and mummified saints.
Tatler - 15 June 2016

The Durrells get new biography that 'they would enjoy'
Account of the ‘knockabout’ life of the famous family will cover the years in Corfu recently dramatised for TV, and include their troubled background.
The Guardian - 16 May 2016

Six things you must do in Corfu
Huw Davies finds six things you must do in Corfu to renew your love affair for this gem of the Ionian.
Mail on Sunday - 1 May 2016

Eight places to find unspoiled Corfu
Marc Dubin wonders if there is any chance of recapturing anything of the Durrell family's 1930s island idyll now.
The Telegraph - 19 April 2016

Corfu's the real star of the show
Thomas W. Hodgkinson follows the footsteps of the Durrells.
Daily Mail - 9 April 2016

In loving memory of Corfu
Kari Gislason asks whether the happy memories of Corfu be relived 20 years later.
Herald Sun - 13 April 2015

Discovering Corfu’s charms
Timeless attractions still exist alongside 21st-century resorts, writes Amy Laughinghouse.
Aberdeen Press and Journal - 3 February 2015

In search of Durrell's Corfu
The Durrell brothers immortalised Corfu but also brought mass tourism to their hideaway island. In this feature from 1999, Paul Mansfield went in search of a literary paradise lost.
The Telegraph - 30 January 2015

Corfu: The most musical Greek island and its 18 marching bands
Ioanna Zikakou finds that altough visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists each year, there is another, more artistic, side to this beautiful Greek island.
Greek Reporter - 20 November 2014

Old and new, intertwined
Pamela Timms takes a traditional Greek recipe for a cake and adds some modern takes to it.
Wall Street Journal - 13 September 2014

Corfu: a Greek island that will expand your mind (and possibly your waistline)
Good food, stunning vistas and, in Kavos, a resort to avoid – this island has it all says Richard Pine.
The Irish Times - 22 April 2014

The Fabulous Baker Brothers go to Greece
How we wowed Corfu, by Tom Herbert.
Daily Mail - August 2013

Corfu: Homer's ‘beautiful land’ gets the nod
Not every holiday is perfect, but every holiday should have its sweet spot, writes Pól Ó Conghaile.
Irish Examiner - 28 July 2013

Student gives up summer holiday to look after donkeys in Corfu
Alexia Yiannouli, from Billingham, will volunteer at the Corfu Donkey Rescue sanctuary after being moved by a previous visit.
The Northern Echo - 2 July 2013

The Ionian Islands: Where the blue really begins
Des Hannigan explores this cluster of western isles
The Independent - 28 June 2013

Patricia Cookson - Obituary
Co-founder in the 1960s of Corfu Villas, later CV Travel.
The Telegraph - 25 April 2013

Ouzo-ing class: Come to Corfu for a spot of sun
Clemmie Moodie says the island of Corfu reigns supreme - once the sun shows its face.
Daily Mirror- 9 April 2013

Classical ruins, a rowdy cockerel and a different bay every day
Matt Curtis discovers that on Corfu there is plenty more on the menu than ouzo and octopus.
Daily Mail - 22 January 2013

John Forte - Obituary
Major John Forte, who has died aged 96, was Britain's honorary vice-consul on the Greek island of Corfu, where he became famous for reviving the game of cricket after the Second World War.
The Telegraph - 15 September 2012

36 hours in Corfu
Corfu has plenty to offer beachcombers, foodies and fans of antiquity, says Marc Dubin.
The Telegraph - 9 August 2012

My Family and Durrell's Corfu
Jane Horrocks explores the naturalist's Mediterranean island.
The Independent - 13 July 2012

Corfu and Paxos: Greece still gets my vote
Nigel Richardson reports from Corfu and Paxos, where he finds the islanders are beset by uncertainty, but remain as hospitable as ever.
Daily Telegrapah - 15 June 2012

Corfu Town: a cultural guide
Corfu Town still retains its Venetian allure after two centuries, says Yolanda Carslaw.
Daily Telegrapah - 24 May 2012

Captivated by Corfu
Benedict Allen finds ancient Greeks and sleepy princesses on a family villa break.
Daily Mail - 13 May 2012

Amateurs in Eden by Joanna Hodgkin
Blake Morrison reviews the story of the bohemian marriage of Nancy and Lawrence Durrell.
The Guardian - 10 February 2012

Cricket's not all Greek to the Greeks
Firdose Moonda finds that in Corfu and Athens the sport is catching on, and the locals are getting their countrymen from all over the world to visit and play as well.
ESPN Cricinfo Magazine - 10 February 2012

Readers' Tips, Recommendations and Travel Advice
Readers offer their advice on holidays in Corfu.
Daily Telegraph - 18 October 2011

Freestyle Challenge: Swimming from Albania to Corfu
Throughout Enver Hoxha's rule, hundreds fled communist Albania by crossing the sea to their nearest neighbour. Twenty years after the regime fell, Thomas Hodgkinson retraced their perilous route.
The Guardian - 10 October 2011

Corfu: a late deal turned into the perfect family hol
Andrew Eames had warned the family that cheap prices attract the party crowd and involve middle-of-the-dead-of-night flying times.
Daily Mirror - 28 August 2011

Top 10 reasons to get passionate about Corfu
Janie Robinson lists Corfu's attractions.
Toronto Star - 1 June 2011

Corfu: family holidays on land and at sea
A villa or a sailing holiday – which works best with teens in tow? Clare Mann and her family put it to the test.
Daily Telegraph - 20 September 2010

Overseas Buyers Fall for Corfu's Historic Charm
Nick Foster discovers that the global recession and a glut of properties, have led to house prices in Corfu declining significantly in the past year.
New York Times - 11 September 2009

Go taverna-hopping on the sunny Greek isle of Corfu
Karen Wright eats her way around Corfu.
The Daily Mirror - 28 June 2009

Relax by the pool!
It wasn't until Vincent Graff took a £5 trip to Corfu that he realised the true cost of cheap breaks.
The Guardian - 21 May 2009

Corfu is about fun not funds
Don’t let the politicians and oligarchs put you off, the Ionian island of Corfu is for everyone, says Justine Picardie.
Daily Telegraph - 3 Nov 2008

The other side of Corfu
Victoria Mather on chinos, royalty and billionaire oligarchs.
The Guardian - 7 October 2008

Look back in Agni
Rough Guides founder Mark Ellingham returns to Corfu after a 30-year absence.
The Guardian 13 - September 2008

He liked it so much he bought the village
Stephanie Rafanelli finds an abandoned Corfu hamlet which has been transformed into stunning self-catering houses with the vibe of a cool hotel.
The Guardian - 19 July 2008

Why the British Love Corfu
From Club 18-30 to posh villas, there's a package holiday to suit all tastes on this most versatile of islands, writes Joanne O'Connor.
The Observer - 27 April 2008

Animal Magic
Jessica Cran revels in Gerald Durrell's three classic tales about his magical childhood.
The Observer - 30 July 2006

Isles and Smiles
Corfu is the Ioni place to be. By Iain Mayhew.
Daily Mirror - 17 June 2006

An Identity Crisis in Paradise
The cricket pitches are English, the cafes French and the food Italian. Corfu may be culturally confused, says Stephen Pritchard, but it sure knows how to relax
The Guardian - 20 March 2005

Dream Boat
Corfu is not all clubs and lager. Paul Johnson and family find another side to the island.
The Guardian - 20 March 2004

Behind the Taverna
Brett Westwood hits the wildlife trail, starting on the Island of Corfu.
BBC Audio File - March 2003

Quiet reflections
Corfu's popular appeal may not make it many people's idea of a tranquil spot, but Dea Birkett and family discover a quiet corner of the island to unwind.
The Guardian - 22 February 2003

Family favourites
The books of Lawrence and Gerald Durrell made Corfu famous. Sixty years after they left, Ben Mallalieu finds out how much remains of their enchanted island.
The Guardian - 23 February 2002

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